Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Clean: I see it all now...


So, as you know, spring has sprung. Which means it's time to clean...apparently. If you are like me, winter months are marked by things being shoved in random places in closets, piles of boots & thick socks strewn across floors because they're just too big to put anywhere and you'll need them in a few hours anyway, and coat racks full of too many coats, scarves & jackets to count. Not to mention the fact that it's too darn cold to go outside & actually clean out the cars...no matter how many times you've accidentally spilled hot coffee all over the interior and no matter how many not-so-necessary-anymore extra coats, blankets and shoes have taken permanent residence in the backseat...it's a mess out there, but it's too damn cold.
Until Spring. Then all messes must die. Something about the world around you rejuvenating itself, growing, budding & blossoming new life, seeming to wake from it's dreary, dark & lifeless slumber just makes you want to join in and shake off the cold, embrace a new purpose, and get things looking fresh. When Spring comes in to play, it's like the veil is lifted and you suddenly see all the drab, dirty, messiness you've been living in, surviving in all winter. It's time to thrive. It's time to see it all clearly and make it wonderful again.
Today...Josh and I put the winter coats away, moved the boots to their springtime homes, and CLEANED OUT THE CARS. Deep clean style. Does everyone say "deep clean"??? We did in my house growing up and it meant really getting in there and cleaning up in the most intricate of ways.
My goal was that we could clean the cars up to look so beautiful that when we go get our infant car seats installed in a few weeks, no one could possibly judge us or question our ability to be parents based on our junk-filled, coffee stained seats...mission accomplished.
So today we pulled out makeup, blankets, shoes, scarves, notebooks, hangers, some rocks, and an abundance of water bottles from both cars. These cars are actually mini SUVs so please imagine heaps and heaps of stuff coming out of them. Then we vacuumed, cleaned the floor mats, wiped the leather seats with a damp cloth, then lemon-oiled the shine back into those pretty little leather seats and dashboards until the cars glistened...as though real adults had been driving them and actually cared what they looked like!!!
It's amazing how quickly you can junk up something you really don't want to junk up. Like, we both enjoy having clean cars, a clean house, clean bathrooms and freshly washed sheets. But, my, how quickly a couple of days of not keeping up with the basics of cleanliness can snowball into an actual mess that needs swift and precise attention. The house at least had a few good deep cleans throughout the winter on those snowed-in days, but our cars had been neglected for MONTHS. We had to act fast before spring came blazing in to shine it's light on all the mess we had made. SO, having the cars ready for spring, windows down, sunroof open and a sweet baby girl riding in the backseat feels SO GOOD. I'm ready for warm weather, meeting this baby, and cleaning up her messes.
How messy are babies? I'll let you know...

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