Monday, February 24, 2014

Baby On Board

So, I briefly mentioned that there is a sweet little baby on the way for Josh and I. We are beyond thrilled that God has blessed us with this little precious beloved baby. I really wondered if I would be able to get pregnant easily or at all since I found out in 2008 that I have PCOS. But with prayer and faith and following a plan for a healthy no gluten, dairy, or processed food diet, plus exsercise...I have kept almost ALL PCOS symptoms at bay and lookie here: there's a baby on board.
You may have seen from my last post, that Josh and I got married July 5, 2013. Well, we rescued a kitten on September 7th. Named her Teasdale after one of my favorite poets. And then realized 4 weeks later that I was 4 weeks pregnant. WOW! Welcome to married life, fur baby life, and parenthood.
So, not sure about any of you other mommas out there, but I didn't always feel pregnant in the first few months. Luckily (haha), I got REALLY sick at 12 weeks and it lasted until 15 weeks then rebounded at 20 weeks. Now I only vomit when I eat something with a bad form of gluten in it or a processed food item. Which I avoid like the plague anyway. But with getting past the worst of the morning sickness I was so happy that little baby flutters came so quickly (16 weeks, Christmas time) for me to still feel like I was pregnant and that there was a real, actual life inside me. Now that I am going into my last trimester and little babe kicks and wiggles and basically freaks out in there all day, I always feel, look & smell (hormones make my feet smell...) pregnant. And it's a wonderful feeling. Strangers commenting on "the little one" and always looking at my face then immediately my belly makes me smile and well up with the greatest emotions. I feel so proud to be a mom. Speaking of emotions I have another AWESOME hormonal pregnancy side effect that Josh & I like to endearingly refer to as the "Laugh/Cry". It is exactly what it sounds like and 10 times as ridiculous. Josh has a great sense of humor that is right up my alley and sometimes he makes me laugh SO HARD...that I cry. One second laughing hysterically, the next sobbing. Also hysterically. Josh even caught it on video once and I'm sure he watches it laughing but also wondering to himself if this is the worst of it. I have a feeling we're both in for a LOT more emotional outbursts on my end. God bless that poor, sweet man who loves me so:) He's going to be an amazing daddy and he's already so excited to meet our little one.
Hey, bet you wanna know if it's a girl or a boy right?! Stay tuned...
But for now, let's learn a little something today to go with the theme of babies!
Baby Swaddling
See what the Baby Center (an app I love using) says about swaddling your new baby:
It's also important to remember that babies may benefit from being swaddled with their arms allowed upwards near their face so they can self sooth and gum their fingers and hands. ALSO, did you know letting a baby fall alseep while sucking a pacifier helps reduce the risk of SIDS? Just remove the pacifier when it falls out of your sweet little one's mouth and let them drift off to dream land.
That's it for today!
See you later, Minties!

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