Thursday, January 30, 2014

July 5, 2013: Oh Happy Day!!!

So...I've been bombarding this blog with the happenings of last year and this is where it starts to really get beautiful. Josh and I were married at a cute little vineyard in the middle of nowhere Missouri, pretty much between our hometowns. It was supposed to be SUPER stormy with a chance of a tornado and HOT that day. We prayed a lot leading up to the day about the weather and other things left to chance and we ended up being blessed beyond belief with a high temperature of 78on our big day. Yep, it was perfect. At 7:00 we were married on the deck as the sun started to dip down to the tops of the grape vines behind us. Then we took some pictures, ate some food and danced the night away. It was magical. Stressful. Beautiful. Hard work. Amazing. The happiest day of my life thus far. Enjoy some pictures by of me marrying my favorite person in the world and best friend.

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