Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm back...with NEWS!!!!

So..I got ENGAGED!!!!
I know I haven't been blogging in YEARS but I had a lot going on as you will see in this post and the next 5 posts:)
Over these next several posts I will show you just how freaking much can happen in a year! {trust me, it's intense...getting engaged was just the start!!!}

I'll maybe get back into regular posting soon but for now...I thought I'd ease my way in by overloading your faces with what I've been up to lately:)
So engagement was great. Josh and I played one last show for the year with our band, then he left for Thailand two days later and stayed there for 4 months to study abroad. YAY! We did a LOT of Skyping and letter writing and trying really hard not to cry. Well, mostly me trying not to cry. Him keeping a brave face and climbing mountains and waterfalls and riding elephants. He promises to take me back and I'm HOLDING HIM TO IT!!!
Anyway, he got back right before Christmas last year and we took these pictures in an abandoned church with our friend Betty of Photography by Betty Elaine in the early spring. It was so beautiful and disheveled and wonderful in that old, abandoned, windy, burnt up and water damaged church. One of our good friends made a keen observation that surrounded by ruin and chaos, our love was still holding strong and calm...beautiful! Here are some more pics to hold you over until the next update on one of my latest major life events: