Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hi there Minties! Sorry it's been so long! Summer time is for playing outside, jumping off cliffs {and then nursing the bruises you get from the rocks below} and getting together with friends to celebrate a birthday by bike riding all over the city & stopping at fun local treasures...22 miles...

                                                                                               {i'm this awkward girl playing with her hair}
                                                                                              {josh is the bearded floating head on the left}
...not for blogging and being on the computer all day and night.  So I've been sparce on the postie posts...forgive me.  But seeing as I have an office job to fill my days with {even these precious summer days}, I thought I'd talk a little about making healthy eating choices even when you are confined to an office for most of your day. There are very few resources for cooking in most offices but hopefully you all have access to water and a microwave and a good knife with which to chop veggies. If so, Read on!

What to Eat at Work:

If you are at work you are {hopefully} using your brain to do smart people things like math and using grammar properly, so you need to keep your brain fueled with delicious and healthy foods from the time you wake up to quittin' time. Here are some tips!
  • Eat a big enough balanced breakfast with lots of protein, a little fruit and some form of WHOLE grain if you desire and if your body tolerates it well.
  • Drink a lot of water in the morning.
  • NEVER EVER...EVER drink coffee on an empty stomach. You might as well punch your stomach and your metabolism directly in the face and then kick all of your organs until they bruise. Sounds awful. Because it is.
  • Have a snack around 10am. I usually do pepitas {pumpkin seeds} because they have 9 grams of protein and healthy calories. Anything healthy will do. Just ease off the sugars:)
  • Eat lunch around noon. Now here's where it gets tricky. Rob and Susan are going to Chik-Fil-A. You LOVE Chik-Fil-A. You think you NEED Chik-Fil-A. Your body does not. And your wallet secretly wants to run away from shame because you spend too much on crap you don't need. So here's your opportunity to redeem yourself. DON'T EAT OUT FOR LUNCH ALL THE TIME! Unless your boss is paying, you really need to eat out to go over some numbers and graphs and pie charts with coworkers or you go out to eat to schmooze clients... STOP EATING OUT EVERY. DANG. DAY. You should probably only do it like once a week tops. I haven't eaten out for lunch in over 6 months. And I'm not dead. Nothing bad happens to the people who stay in the office to eat at their desks or in the breakroom or outside at the snazzy little picnic area. Which you may not even know you have!!! Now, you're thinking the thought of staying in for lunch and making your own food is unbearable. You're coming up with all the excuses like "I don't even have a stove to cook with and groceries are expensive too and I don't have a ton of room in the fridge and leftovers are gross and CHIK-FIL-AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" No.
  • Eat another snack around 3pm. This is right around the time your brain starts shutting down for the day and your mind is wandering aimlessly about with little care for the screen in front of you or that post-it note telling you to enter some new information into a pie chart. You're over it. So eat some nuts. Cashews are ok, lots of calories. Almonds are great. Pecans are awesome. Peanuts are for elephants, people on planes or in the ballpark...choose something else. If you don't like nuts, eat some kale chips, celery and tahini with raisins, carrots and olive tampenade, red pepper and hummus or plain peppers. You aren't an idiot, so find a healthy snack you enjoy and bring it with you. Yay!
  • Keep drinking all the water.
  • If you drank coffee today, don't do it tomorrow. Stop adding all those sugary, fake sweet, fake creamy things also. If you simply MUST have cream, use real cream and a small amount. If you simply HAVE TO HAVE sweet coffee, then sweeten with honey, agave nectar or stevia...not much though. And if you CANNOT DO WITHOUT 5 cups a day...get over it and cut back to 3 a day for a week then 2 a day for a week then 1 a day for a week. Your heart will thank you and so will your skin. And you'll sleep better. You're welcome.
Now for a Meal so you can't say I didn't give you an example!

BrusselTomOnioDine Shew
{best name for a recipe ever.}

Get some organic brussel sprouts. Today mine were from Whole Foods. Fill a bowl with water and place 5-7 brussel sprouts in the water. They should be covered. Cook for 4 minutes or so. Drain.

Get some tomato and onion. Mine were from my  boyfriend's garden:) Chop those things up and set aside.

Then crack open some sardines. Don't be shocked. It's where I got the "dine" in "BrusselTomOnioDine". I use Season Brand and I can't stress enough the importance of getting Season Brand as opposed to other brands...so here are some pictures to let you know I mean business about these sardines being the best.


If you buy some other brand that isn't Season Brand, don't come crying to me and don't say I didn't warn you. They will most likely have sardine skin on them and be fishy and gross and you'll have a full understanding of why sardines have such a bad rap. And for the record, sardines are AMAZING for you! {Avoid if you have gout because of their high purine levels, or balance out by eating cherries.} But otherwise, eat 'em up! Great source of protein and all the omegas and good fatty acids=good hair and skin!

Back to the recipe:
Then combine all these ingredients in a bowl and add some cashews. I'm going to suggest 1/4 of a cup because of the high calories they contain.

Now you have a delicious, cheap, meal. Mine cost me $3.50 for the sardines and sprouts.

So try it out. And make variations to ingredients you don't like!

And here are some other quick sprout salads you can make at work:

Brussel Sprouts, canned chicken, tahini sauce, green apple, dried cherries.
Brussel Sprouts, spinach, almonds, pepitas, fresh cherries and olive oil with balsamic vinegar.
Brussel Sprouts, canned chicken, tahini sauce, olive tampenade, pecans, carrots, shredded beets.

Homework: Cook some meals in your office this week. Save your money and your health.

Class Dimissed!