Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A little: UPGRADE

"Let me Let me Upgraaaade ya" -
 So these guys, huh? I've had these black TOMS for over 3 years. I've barely worn them as I don't really wear black a lot {read: ever} but I needed them for when I did makeup gigs {for some reason in order to be a makeup pro you have to wear all black, head to toe. Like a ninja.}
These shoes just don't excite me. I only wear them when I'm in a jam. {like a "dang, I'm wearing a dress that goes with black and these 50,000 pairs of brown shoes I have just won't do!" kind of jam} So I decided the other night whilst painted things, that I should attack these guys with some paint to give them a little "pop". And look! It worked!
 They've got a nice NEON green...ish yellow thing happening on the base now! I'll be looking in my closet and these will catch my eye for sure now so they might have a chance at hitting the streets a few more times this year. I'm sure they're happy about it. They've been shunned and neglected for years. But I didn't stop there, oh no. These shoes had been rejected for far too long. They needed to be redeemed in an even more glorious way. I give you, the Top of the Foot neon green...ish yellow.
BAM! That triangle really steals the show doesn't it? These shoes are now sidewalk stunners. Ready for the road. I'm stoked about it. They're stoked about it. It's a good upgrade. So the lesson here is: Don't throw away old crap that is no longer inspiring to you if you still kind of need it. UPGRADE it so it is inspiring once more. A simple bottle of acrylic paint and a paintbrush can add instant inspiration and beautification to a lot of the junk in your home that you still need but don't care much for. So give it a go!

Homework: UPGRADE something!
Class Dismissed :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Sweets {strawberry dessert}

Cooking Class:
Ok, I'm going to share a little dessert with you that sounds weird and you may think it won't be awesome. But trust me, this will rock your summer-lovin' face off. It's creamy, sweet, delicious, low sugar, full on delicious and it highlights one of the best summer fruits out there. Ready?

You'll need:

1 tsp Ginger {spice section}
1tsp Cardemom {spice Section}
1/2 cup Organic Coconut Milk {by the International Section Curry foods. I use Thai Kitchen.}
1 tsp honey {optional; don't use if on the Whole30 diet}
Strawberries {Fresh, ripe, organic, washed and sliced to your wishes}

{Double or triple all of this as you add people that will want some.}


Mix everything but the strawberries together. To get it nice and frothy, use a whisk, or a mixer. Or one of those handheld cappuccino frothers. Just make it nice and "whippy".
Then Put it in a bowl or a little white mug and top with strawberries.

I completely made this recipe up on a whim, but the first taste had me hooked. The flavors are unique and spicy yet calm. It's really quite a wonderful treat. I enjoyed some last night!

Happy Summer!
Class Dimissed!

Monday, May 7, 2012

flying {nodody can}

Dreaming & Achieving Class:
when i was little i would have lots of dreams about flying. but they were different than just the typical, "i'm flying all over the world through the clouds, look at me!!!" dreams.
i would dream that i was standing in a room with people and i could suddenly lift myself up off the ground and fly around. not that i could accomplish much just flying around in a room, but it felt like i was capable of elevating myself above what was going on in the room.
 and what's funny is, in my dream i would be thinking "wow, i can REALLY fly. i thought i could!!!" and then i would wake up thoroughly convinced that i can indeed fly. and after like 3 minutes of thinking about how i should tell my mom, i would sadly realize that it was just a dream and alas, i could not fly.
but you better believe that when standing in a room full of my friends at school, i would frequently back slowly away from the crowd of people and concentrate really hard on lifting off of the ground. then, of course i would have to come back to the group, ashamed of my failed attempt at greatness, and have to quickly come up with some elaborate game we could all play so everyone would be too distracted to ask if I had walked away to fart or something.
luckily, i always had a good game to suggest.
but i am an adult now.
you'd think i would have outgrown this dream.
i have not.
if anything, when i have the dream nowadays, it's even stronger and i am MORE convinced that i can really fly when i first wake up.
maybe there is some meaning in it...perhaps a clear message about my purpose in life or maybe just a symbol for how i see myself capable of elevating above the normal things people get caught up in or bogged down by.
or maybe i just really wish i could fly, as childish as that is.
i don't know.
but i laugh out loud at myself every time i have this little recurring dream of mine.
i know i'm not entirely alone.
 most people have wished they could fly at some point. you see those videos of people doing stupid things off of their rooftops. 
some of us must have some common genetic coding for "Extremely Delusional Desire to Fly" and meanwhile we are all genetically predisposed to be complete failures at flying. 
it's our curse. 
but after we try all the stupid things off of our rooftops and fail, maybe this desire to fly is what makes us try other great things.  
that sometimes we succeed at.

so for your HOMEWORK{yes this crazy post is for all of you} i think you should ask yourself if there is anything you wish you could do in your life. and if it is something that falls under the EDDF code, think about how you can use that energy and desire to succeed for another goal.
Class Dismissed!
{i'll let you know if i ever fly.}

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Almost Freakini Season!

Self-Improvement Class:
Sand Ruffles Touch ShortAqua Mist TunicMare One PieceLovely Frills BalconetStarfish GlamourDolly Ibiza Bikini
The Orchid Boutique

BTC Elements: Eco-Friendly

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Xhilaration® Juniors Multicolored Triangle Swim TopXhilaration® Juniors Neon Ruched Triangle Swim Top

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Let me start by saying, those girls up there...those are models. They don't eat a lot and they work hard for their bodies to look like that...OR they were just born stunning, but either way...YOU are a beautiful lady whether you have cellulite and a lower tummy pooch or a six pack of abtastic beastliness. Don't ever give up on yourself and stop trying to be more healthy and stronger and more's good for you. But don't compare yourself to someone who is PAID to look amazing. OK? Just play up on your assets. You have awesome legs, wear a wedged heel with your swimsuit and show 'em off. You have sleek arms, make sure you wear a strapless cover up with your suit. Your back and shoulders are toned, try a nice halter top. And remember, one of the sexiest things about you is your confidence.
Now lets' chat...
Wearing a bikini can be freaky. You're all out there for the world to see. I like to be prepared with wraps, tunics and shorts just in case I need to get my modest on. But I also want to feel confident and good about what bikini I am wearing. So...
The time has come for me to finally get a new two piece swimsuit. Last year I bought a one piece for the more adventuresome water outings but the last time I bought a two piece was at least 3 years ago. Yikes.
I just hated the way I had felt in a two piece and didn't want to stand in a mirror faced with all that business going on to try to find a new one. But with the dieting and Insanity-ing I've been doing this bikini season is bound to be the least freakiniest of them all. {But still a little freaky.}
Now I just need a decent glow on this pasty skin {no tanning beds. those things are deadly, toxic, aging and alltogether not. good.} and I need to figure out how much I want to spend. As you can see from my current list of faves above...the price range is pretty varied and there are a lot of great options so this should be fun! Good luck to all of you and may you have the least freaky bikini season!
And there is still time to do the Whole30 diet and some Insanity or P90x training to tighten things up a bit so don't give up on having a better swimsuit season than last year!

Homework: Look into some new swimsuit options for the season. You could even just get a new top or bottom to spice up last year's suit mix-matchy style!

Homework: Yes, there are two assignments...Wear sunscreen! It's always important to screen up when you go in the sun but this time of year the sun's rays are closer and burn hotter than ever so starting now : PROTECT YOURSELF! Buy a new lotion. One for the face. One for the body. Once opened, they expire in a year so you do the math. SPF 15 and up please:)

Class Dismissed!