Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hi there Minties! Sorry it's been so long! Summer time is for playing outside, jumping off cliffs {and then nursing the bruises you get from the rocks below} and getting together with friends to celebrate a birthday by bike riding all over the city & stopping at fun local treasures...22 miles...

                                                                                               {i'm this awkward girl playing with her hair}
                                                                                              {josh is the bearded floating head on the left}
...not for blogging and being on the computer all day and night.  So I've been sparce on the postie posts...forgive me.  But seeing as I have an office job to fill my days with {even these precious summer days}, I thought I'd talk a little about making healthy eating choices even when you are confined to an office for most of your day. There are very few resources for cooking in most offices but hopefully you all have access to water and a microwave and a good knife with which to chop veggies. If so, Read on!

What to Eat at Work:

If you are at work you are {hopefully} using your brain to do smart people things like math and using grammar properly, so you need to keep your brain fueled with delicious and healthy foods from the time you wake up to quittin' time. Here are some tips!
  • Eat a big enough balanced breakfast with lots of protein, a little fruit and some form of WHOLE grain if you desire and if your body tolerates it well.
  • Drink a lot of water in the morning.
  • NEVER EVER...EVER drink coffee on an empty stomach. You might as well punch your stomach and your metabolism directly in the face and then kick all of your organs until they bruise. Sounds awful. Because it is.
  • Have a snack around 10am. I usually do pepitas {pumpkin seeds} because they have 9 grams of protein and healthy calories. Anything healthy will do. Just ease off the sugars:)
  • Eat lunch around noon. Now here's where it gets tricky. Rob and Susan are going to Chik-Fil-A. You LOVE Chik-Fil-A. You think you NEED Chik-Fil-A. Your body does not. And your wallet secretly wants to run away from shame because you spend too much on crap you don't need. So here's your opportunity to redeem yourself. DON'T EAT OUT FOR LUNCH ALL THE TIME! Unless your boss is paying, you really need to eat out to go over some numbers and graphs and pie charts with coworkers or you go out to eat to schmooze clients... STOP EATING OUT EVERY. DANG. DAY. You should probably only do it like once a week tops. I haven't eaten out for lunch in over 6 months. And I'm not dead. Nothing bad happens to the people who stay in the office to eat at their desks or in the breakroom or outside at the snazzy little picnic area. Which you may not even know you have!!! Now, you're thinking the thought of staying in for lunch and making your own food is unbearable. You're coming up with all the excuses like "I don't even have a stove to cook with and groceries are expensive too and I don't have a ton of room in the fridge and leftovers are gross and CHIK-FIL-AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" No.
  • Eat another snack around 3pm. This is right around the time your brain starts shutting down for the day and your mind is wandering aimlessly about with little care for the screen in front of you or that post-it note telling you to enter some new information into a pie chart. You're over it. So eat some nuts. Cashews are ok, lots of calories. Almonds are great. Pecans are awesome. Peanuts are for elephants, people on planes or in the ballpark...choose something else. If you don't like nuts, eat some kale chips, celery and tahini with raisins, carrots and olive tampenade, red pepper and hummus or plain peppers. You aren't an idiot, so find a healthy snack you enjoy and bring it with you. Yay!
  • Keep drinking all the water.
  • If you drank coffee today, don't do it tomorrow. Stop adding all those sugary, fake sweet, fake creamy things also. If you simply MUST have cream, use real cream and a small amount. If you simply HAVE TO HAVE sweet coffee, then sweeten with honey, agave nectar or stevia...not much though. And if you CANNOT DO WITHOUT 5 cups a day...get over it and cut back to 3 a day for a week then 2 a day for a week then 1 a day for a week. Your heart will thank you and so will your skin. And you'll sleep better. You're welcome.
Now for a Meal so you can't say I didn't give you an example!

BrusselTomOnioDine Shew
{best name for a recipe ever.}

Get some organic brussel sprouts. Today mine were from Whole Foods. Fill a bowl with water and place 5-7 brussel sprouts in the water. They should be covered. Cook for 4 minutes or so. Drain.

Get some tomato and onion. Mine were from my  boyfriend's garden:) Chop those things up and set aside.

Then crack open some sardines. Don't be shocked. It's where I got the "dine" in "BrusselTomOnioDine". I use Season Brand and I can't stress enough the importance of getting Season Brand as opposed to other brands...so here are some pictures to let you know I mean business about these sardines being the best.


If you buy some other brand that isn't Season Brand, don't come crying to me and don't say I didn't warn you. They will most likely have sardine skin on them and be fishy and gross and you'll have a full understanding of why sardines have such a bad rap. And for the record, sardines are AMAZING for you! {Avoid if you have gout because of their high purine levels, or balance out by eating cherries.} But otherwise, eat 'em up! Great source of protein and all the omegas and good fatty acids=good hair and skin!

Back to the recipe:
Then combine all these ingredients in a bowl and add some cashews. I'm going to suggest 1/4 of a cup because of the high calories they contain.

Now you have a delicious, cheap, meal. Mine cost me $3.50 for the sardines and sprouts.

So try it out. And make variations to ingredients you don't like!

And here are some other quick sprout salads you can make at work:

Brussel Sprouts, canned chicken, tahini sauce, green apple, dried cherries.
Brussel Sprouts, spinach, almonds, pepitas, fresh cherries and olive oil with balsamic vinegar.
Brussel Sprouts, canned chicken, tahini sauce, olive tampenade, pecans, carrots, shredded beets.

Homework: Cook some meals in your office this week. Save your money and your health.

Class Dimissed!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Project: Use Less Fake Stuff

I have been on a life project that I'm calling Project: Use Less Fake Stuff. It took a turn this week in two pretty simple but very imapactful ways.

1.) No Shampoo & Conditioner
2.) No Facewash

Now that you're all intrigued/disgusted, I'll tell you all about it!
I'm becoming more and more of a Nature-loving, Monsanto-hating dirty hippie by the day. I've been on a quest for two years to strip my diet down to include only/mostly all natural products. I pretty much have that down. But lately I've been desiring a more natural routine for hygiene and cosmetics. I was reading around the webz about ways to wash your hair and face with all-natural products.


And then I discovered that you really don't need to wash your hair as much as we've all been brainwashed to think! Shampoo and Conditioner EVERY DANG DAY is pretty much a marketing strategy that went very, very well.
Think about it... Back in the day, like in the 20's 30's etc. women washed their hair like ONCE A WEEK with natural products and they had amazing hair that could withstand all that wave curling with 1,000 degree curling rods and such. They styled their hair way more than we do nowadays and they washed it less...and they had awesome, healthy hair on any given day. Most days, my hair looks like I just finished running with the bulls and got trampled a few times. But times are a'changin'! I'm on a quest to get my hair longer, shinier healthier, and all-natural. And apparently a lot of other folks decided this "No Shampoo" thing is an awesome idea too because there are tons of blog posts about it. It's the No 'Poo Movement {poo:D} Check those out . And everyone, even scientists, agrees that all the harsh chemicals in today's shampoos are damaging to your hair and to your skin and almost entirely uneccesary. Most people break out when shampoo touches their back or forehead. There are so many other negatives to our over use of shampoo...All those plastic bottles and the money you spend and all that toxic waste going down the drain!!!! Oy Vay! Plus your hair is stripped of all of its natural, healthy, gentle yet potent oils so it becomes dependent on condidtioner just to be brushable. Ever noticed how frizzy your hair is before you straighten it or pile on serums and oils??? That's not the way it has to be! There is an alternative. You can break the shampoo/conditioner Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat...Cyle. Once and for all.

***Before endeavoring on this exciting journey, it's important to know some tips and best practices for going sans suds so you can avoid a dramatic intervention for you to wash your dang hair that includes your friends & family, Dr. Drew, and your mom...So. Read on.

How to Use ZERO Fake Crap on Your Hair & Not Gross Everyone Out & Have an Intervention Called  on You to WASH YOUR DANG HAIR That Involves Your Friends & Family, Dr. Drew, & Your Mom:

Step 1:
Prepare your new "products". You'll need some baking soda, and some apple cider vinegar.

Your new "shampoo" is going to be 1 TBSP of Baking Soda mixed with 1 cup of Water.
Add more Baking Soda if you are feeling pretty greasy.

Your new "conditioner" is going to be 1-2 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with 1 cup of Water.

Step 2:
Use your new all-natural products 1-5 times a week. Don't use styling products.

It's nice to have your products pre mixed but you can also mix as you go depending on how your hair is feeling that day. I like to fill a mason jar with water and apple cider vinegar and put the ends of my hair in it for the 5 minutes of shaving I have to do for some extra soft ends. It's not too hard for me to hold the jar and also shave, but I am super coordinated and talented at multi-tasking like a ninja so attempt at your own risk.

Step 3:
Use Water Only...for a week. Then use baking soda & vinegar mixtures 1-2 times a week...forever.

For one full week, just use warm water on your hair. Rub your scalp lightly and use a wide tooth comb in the shower to keep it from tangling. You can air dry or blowdry on low heat. DO NOT use any styling products as they will exasterbate the issue of excess oil as you will entirely throw off the balance of natural oils your hair is trying to achieve. You will ruin everything and babies will cry.
When your scalp freaks out about this adjustment and over-produces oil and makes your roots look greasy and a little scary...don't freak out and jump back into the Lather. Rinse. Repeat Cycle of Doom!
If you are having a particularly awful grease monster hair day, apply a small amount of baking soda at the roots and comb through hair to absorb some of your excess oil. Or wear a hat. Or be at a pool all day.
Then use your baking soda and vinegar again, but now only once or twice a week. Your hair will be less greasy. This will take time. Your hair will be fully redeemed in a few short weeks. So keep calm and carry on until your hair is balanced and your natural oils have found their happy place. Your hair will be healthy, shiny in a good way, clean, less frizzy, and NATURAL.

I'm on board with this and I can already feel my natural oils working their way to the ends of my hair...which I never allowed them to do before because I would brutally attack and eradicate them with shampoo and then add some fake conditioner to the ends to compensate for my crime against all things moisturizing and good.  It is feeling good so far, I will let you know my end results!

Here's Day 1:

Now for the Face Wash that you don't need...


I used to work for a skincare line and I know all about the benefits of natural and synthetic ingredients on your skin, all about the woes of oiliness, dryness, flakiness, wrinkles and dark spots and I know fully well how products can help these issues lessen over time. But I implore you all, as someone who is a skincare junkie, to join me in using ZERO fake ingredients on our faces. This means we will buy only those products with very few ingredients that we can pronounce that are found in nature. Since we're absorbing most of what we put on our skin, this seems wise. And it also seems wise since what we don't absorb goes down the drain or off our skin and out into nature. So what's the alternative to ruining Mother Nature??? OIL.
Even if you have oily skin! Oil dissolves Oil. So by using the Oil Cleanse Method {OCM} you will dissolve all the dirty oil off your skin and replace it with clean, natural and beneficial oils. And you won't overdry your skin with harsh sulfates and alcohols and the likes. Interested? Read On.

How to Quit Face Wash and Still Have Awesome, Clean, Healthy, Moist Skin That Makes ALL the Boys & Girls Wonder What You're Using & Want to Touch Your Cheek:

Step 1:
Prepare your new cleansing oils.

You have a lot of options based on your skin care needs...
Castor Oil is for everyone, lots of cleansing power and antibacterial, astringent qualities
Avacado Oil if you have aging, dry skin.
Grapeseed Oil if you need a lift and some moisture
Sunflower Oil is for everyone

Everyone should mix some castor oil into the equation since it has such good cleansing power. I am currently using 1TBSP with 6TBSP of Safflower Oil, Almond Oil with Lavender and Ginger Oil. The Lavender soothes my skin and the Ginger is anti-aging and smells like my favorite things. All of these oils are failry cheap. Spring for the organic, fairly traded options for bonus points.

Step 2:
Apply Oil to your skin.

The OCM is for everyone because everyone needs a better relationship with their skins natural oil. Even if you have a crazy, crap-load of diva makeup on from your big night out, you can use oil to remove your makeup. I still use an eyemakeup remover because it is gentle on my lashes and quickly removes all the makeup. But for your skin, just apply a small {but decent} amount of oil to your palms and work it into your skin. Really get in there and massage your skin with it. It feels great and you are helping the oils work deeper into your skin to remove excess oils and dirt and replenish your thirsty skin cells. Let it sit for 30 seconds to a minute. Then take a clean, damp washcloth and soflty rub your face to remove the oil. Please rinse your towel with super hot water and hang to dry if you aren't going to use a new towel everyday!

In time, you may notice that your skin is so balanced and good at staying moist on it's own that you need less moisturizer...saving you some big $$$! I still use eyecream though.
You may also notice that you can just use water and a washcloth in the morning and still have fresh skin all day. I've been noticing that my forehead is a lot smoother and less oily! Can't wait to see the changes at the end of doing this for 4 weeks...
Here's Day 1:

I am now one step closer to being a tree-dwelling hippie that is one with nature. And if you take these steps to get rid of some FAKE THINGS in your life, you will be too!

Homework: no more 'poo for you and try natural facewash too.
Class Dismissed!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Neon Party: + décor how-to

My lovely friends and I threw a totally RAD surprise engagement party for our friends, Melissa & Alex. They had no idea. They thought they were headed to a birthday party themed The White Party. So they wore all white {we.are.sneaky.} and looked like the perfect little newly engaged couple that they are. When they showed up, they were SHOCKED and there were definitely some tears and laughs. It was so fun to celebrate these two.
And even all the work that went into making the party happen created some great memories and good times. Everyone in the wedding party was helpful and lovely to work with as we planned and plotted and crafted and decorated until what looked this this:
...was turned into a beautiful festival of lights and neon and friends and love. I give you The Neon Party:

 {the happy couple!}

 {sara in her power blazer}

 {my man}

 {the lovely love birds}

 {Dionne in Neon :D}

 {the ladies! who knew glowsticks could be this awesome???}

{Josh and me}
Carly Ann Hilo Photography is amazing. And not just because Carly Ann Hilo is our newfound friend. She captured some really sweet moments and made sure everyone felt at ease in front of the camera.

But let's talk party décor!
All of the decorations were super fun and easy to make. We spent a few girlie nights crafting things to hang up so the day of the party we could breeze through set-up.
I also spent a good feverish hour in the corner with a glue gun and some feathers an hour before the party started...but that's neither here nor there!

 Let's break down a simple party craft:

Neon XOXO banner:

You'll need:
clothes pins
paper mache letters XOXO
neon paint: pink, orange, yellow, green
gold sparkle paint or spray paint
a small and medium sized paintbrush
neon yarn or string
neon construction paper

To make:
First paint your X's and O's in alternating colors of neon and gold {or silver}
Then paint your clothes pins. They look best when you don't paint the metal spring piece so take your time!

Then hang the clothes pins to dry. I used the neon string and tied them to my kitchen cabinets, but use whatever method you like best!

They're dry!

In the meantime you could cut out your words from construction paper. I freestyle cut out the word "Love" in a few differnet colors but you can pencil out a word to help you cut better. Try to draw the words in bubble style where the letters are smooshed together so you have one unified word with no weak spots where it's cut too small between letters. {see photo above for inspiration}.

Now for hanging it! Lindsey, Leah and Dionne were the craft wizards behind hanging it but I'll give it a go here. First, you'll want to get your X's and O's on the string and hung from two very supportive spots like a hook on the ceiling or around some awesome columns like we did. Give yourself plenty of slack on either end so XOXO is somewhat centered and then just lace the yarn or string through the shape of each letter so it is wound tightly enough to support it. Once the string is taute they'll stay pretty easy. Then hang the string securely on both sides and start adding your other pieces! Don't do things to perfectly but alternate colors as much as you can and have fun!{See picture above for some inspiration}

I hope you use this banner for your next event. It's customizable so you could put up the letters CATS and pin pictures of cats and cut out the word "Cats" and have a Cat themed banner! If you do, you should meet my friend Sara. You'll get along great.

Ok, you know your Homework: Make a sweet banner! Throw your friends {or your cats} a party!
Class dismissed.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Paint Like A Four-Year-Old

Sometimes you just have to throw paint on a canvas on the floor.

Aelita Andre is a very unique and special little girl {as all little girls are} with a gift for creating beautiful and inspired abstract paintings.
What a beautiful thing that her parents gave her a studio and encouraged her continue to explore this passion of hers at such a tender age.
Her most expensive painting was sold last year for $24,000.
She currently has an exhibit at the Agora Gallery in New York.
Watching her paint makes me long for childhood and creating and dreaming and playing and exploring.
And freedom.  
I think I'll have to work some painting like a four-year-old into my weekend.

So that's your homework too...do something like a four year old. Freely. No restrictions on your creativity. No time. No fear of failure or rejection. No lines to stay in. No rules about color or form or sound.
Just make something. Who cares if it isn't worth $24,000 and a 4 yr old paints decidedly better than you. Just make something.

Class Dismissed!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A little: UPGRADE

"Let me Let me Upgraaaade ya" -
 So these guys, huh? I've had these black TOMS for over 3 years. I've barely worn them as I don't really wear black a lot {read: ever} but I needed them for when I did makeup gigs {for some reason in order to be a makeup pro you have to wear all black, head to toe. Like a ninja.}
These shoes just don't excite me. I only wear them when I'm in a jam. {like a "dang, I'm wearing a dress that goes with black and these 50,000 pairs of brown shoes I have just won't do!" kind of jam} So I decided the other night whilst painted things, that I should attack these guys with some paint to give them a little "pop". And look! It worked!
 They've got a nice NEON green...ish yellow thing happening on the base now! I'll be looking in my closet and these will catch my eye for sure now so they might have a chance at hitting the streets a few more times this year. I'm sure they're happy about it. They've been shunned and neglected for years. But I didn't stop there, oh no. These shoes had been rejected for far too long. They needed to be redeemed in an even more glorious way. I give you, the Top of the Foot Triangle...in neon green...ish yellow.
BAM! That triangle really steals the show doesn't it? These shoes are now sidewalk stunners. Ready for the road. I'm stoked about it. They're stoked about it. It's a good upgrade. So the lesson here is: Don't throw away old crap that is no longer inspiring to you if you still kind of need it. UPGRADE it so it is inspiring once more. A simple bottle of acrylic paint and a paintbrush can add instant inspiration and beautification to a lot of the junk in your home that you still need but don't care much for. So give it a go!

Homework: UPGRADE something!
Class Dismissed :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Sweets {strawberry dessert}

Cooking Class:
Ok, I'm going to share a little dessert with you that sounds weird and you may think it won't be awesome. But trust me, this will rock your summer-lovin' face off. It's creamy, sweet, delicious, low sugar, full on delicious and it highlights one of the best summer fruits out there. Ready?

You'll need:

1 tsp Ginger {spice section}
1tsp Cardemom {spice Section}
1/2 cup Organic Coconut Milk {by the International Section Curry foods. I use Thai Kitchen.}
1 tsp honey {optional; don't use if on the Whole30 diet}
Strawberries {Fresh, ripe, organic, washed and sliced to your wishes}

{Double or triple all of this as you add people that will want some.}


Mix everything but the strawberries together. To get it nice and frothy, use a whisk, or a mixer. Or one of those handheld cappuccino frothers. Just make it nice and "whippy".
Then Put it in a bowl or a little white mug and top with strawberries.

I completely made this recipe up on a whim, but the first taste had me hooked. The flavors are unique and spicy yet calm. It's really quite a wonderful treat. I enjoyed some last night!

Happy Summer!
Class Dimissed!

Monday, May 7, 2012

flying {nodody can}

Dreaming & Achieving Class:
when i was little i would have lots of dreams about flying. but they were different than just the typical, "i'm flying all over the world through the clouds, look at me!!!" dreams.
i would dream that i was standing in a room with people and i could suddenly lift myself up off the ground and fly around. not that i could accomplish much just flying around in a room, but it felt like i was capable of elevating myself above what was going on in the room.
 and what's funny is, in my dream i would be thinking "wow, i can REALLY fly. i thought i could!!!" and then i would wake up thoroughly convinced that i can indeed fly. and after like 3 minutes of thinking about how i should tell my mom, i would sadly realize that it was just a dream and alas, i could not fly.
but you better believe that when standing in a room full of my friends at school, i would frequently back slowly away from the crowd of people and concentrate really hard on lifting off of the ground. then, of course i would have to come back to the group, ashamed of my failed attempt at greatness, and have to quickly come up with some elaborate game we could all play so everyone would be too distracted to ask if I had walked away to fart or something.
luckily, i always had a good game to suggest.
but i am an adult now.
you'd think i would have outgrown this dream.
i have not.
if anything, when i have the dream nowadays, it's even stronger and i am MORE convinced that i can really fly when i first wake up.
maybe there is some meaning in it...perhaps a clear message about my purpose in life or maybe just a symbol for how i see myself capable of elevating above the normal things people get caught up in or bogged down by.
or maybe i just really wish i could fly, as childish as that is.
i don't know.
but i laugh out loud at myself every time i have this little recurring dream of mine.
i know i'm not entirely alone.
 most people have wished they could fly at some point. you see those videos of people doing stupid things off of their rooftops. 
some of us must have some common genetic coding for "Extremely Delusional Desire to Fly" and meanwhile we are all genetically predisposed to be complete failures at flying. 
it's our curse. 
but after we try all the stupid things off of our rooftops and fail, maybe this desire to fly is what makes us try other great things.  
that sometimes we succeed at.

so for your HOMEWORK{yes this crazy post is for all of you} i think you should ask yourself if there is anything you wish you could do in your life. and if it is something that falls under the EDDF code, think about how you can use that energy and desire to succeed for another goal.
Class Dismissed!
{i'll let you know if i ever fly.}

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Almost Freakini Season!

Self-Improvement Class:
Sand Ruffles Touch ShortAqua Mist TunicMare One PieceLovely Frills BalconetStarfish GlamourDolly Ibiza Bikini
The Orchid Boutique

BTC Elements: Eco-Friendly

Xhilaration® Juniors Triangle Swim Top - MultiXhilaration® Juniors Multicolored Print Push Up Swim Top

Xhilaration® Juniors Crochet Accent Triangle Swim TopXhilaration® Juniors Push Up Bandeau Swim Top with Ruffles - Yellow

Xhilaration® Juniors Multicolored Triangle Swim TopXhilaration® Juniors Neon Ruched Triangle Swim Top

Xhilaration® Juniors Multi Print Triangle Swim Top

Let me start by saying, those girls up there...those are models. They don't eat a lot and they work hard for their bodies to look like that...OR they were just born stunning, but either way...YOU are a beautiful lady whether you have cellulite and a lower tummy pooch or a six pack of abtastic beastliness. Don't ever give up on yourself and stop trying to be more healthy and stronger and more fit...it's good for you. But don't compare yourself to someone who is PAID to look amazing. OK? Just play up on your assets. You have awesome legs, wear a wedged heel with your swimsuit and show 'em off. You have sleek arms, make sure you wear a strapless cover up with your suit. Your back and shoulders are toned, try a nice halter top. And remember, one of the sexiest things about you is your confidence.
Now lets' chat...
Wearing a bikini can be freaky. You're all out there for the world to see. I like to be prepared with wraps, tunics and shorts just in case I need to get my modest on. But I also want to feel confident and good about what bikini I am wearing. So...
The time has come for me to finally get a new two piece swimsuit. Last year I bought a one piece for the more adventuresome water outings but the last time I bought a two piece was at least 3 years ago. Yikes.
I just hated the way I had felt in a two piece and didn't want to stand in a mirror faced with all that business going on to try to find a new one. But with the dieting and Insanity-ing I've been doing this bikini season is bound to be the least freakiniest of them all. {But still a little freaky.}
Now I just need a decent glow on this pasty skin {no tanning beds. those things are deadly, toxic, aging and alltogether not. good.} and I need to figure out how much I want to spend. As you can see from my current list of faves above...the price range is pretty varied and there are a lot of great options so this should be fun! Good luck to all of you and may you have the least freaky bikini season!
And there is still time to do the Whole30 diet and some Insanity or P90x training to tighten things up a bit so don't give up on having a better swimsuit season than last year!

Homework: Look into some new swimsuit options for the season. You could even just get a new top or bottom to spice up last year's suit mix-matchy style!

Homework: Yes, there are two assignments...Wear sunscreen! It's always important to screen up when you go in the sun but this time of year the sun's rays are closer and burn hotter than ever so starting now : PROTECT YOURSELF! Buy a new lotion. One for the face. One for the body. Once opened, they expire in a year so you do the math. SPF 15 and up please:)

Class Dismissed!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Seafood Watch {for sustainable fish eating}

Environmental Awareness Class:

As a consumer, you are responsible for what you purchase and consume. If you are an informed and health, environmentally and sustainability conscious consumer then you should be congratulated for realizing your power to choose what you support and what goes into your body.

So...I eat a lot of fish. I'm still on the Whole30 diet and fish and veggies is my new best friend. In an effort to approach my frequent fish purchasing with some accountability and knowledge, I downloaded a great app called Seafood Watch {it was free on Google Play Store and it's already been really helpful}
Seafood Watch lets you type in a type of fish and find out what is the best region and type {wild caught, farmed, etc.} and where you can find the best option locally...even at restaurants! It looks like this...

So I was at the grovery store the other night and found myself staring into an icy box filled with frozen fish of all sorts and brands. I wanted salmon so I typed in salmon. The "Best Choice" is US farm raised or wild caught salmon from Alaska. That was not an option in this icy fish box so I moved on to other fish varieties. I just typed in a fish and an easy to read ratings list popped up to guide my decision. I settled on this wild caught Alaskan Halibut shown above. The picture on the front looks tasty and the packaging is cute...so good job, OrcaBay. But it was $15. That's a lot of dough. I still went with it because in time, I will find out what fish is the most sustainable, that I like the best, and where to get it cheapest. In time...

In the meantime, I should learn how to make fish like a professional chef because when you spend this much on delicious and sustainable fish steaks, they better taste amazing. One thing I've tried with my fish cooking adventures is baking the fish in coconut oil with veggies, then pulling the fish out to finish on the skillet so it gets a nice golden brown skillet singe. I love that crispy outer edge.

Check out Seafood Watch: Monteray Bay Aquarium to learn more! Like...why is farm raised good for some fish types but not others and some regions are better than others...but WHY??? Ask questions and look for the answers. As a consumer, you have the power to choose what you support and put in your body! We are responsible for helping our consumption move towards healthier and more sustainable practices.

Homework: Download the free app: Seafood Watch and put it to work this weekend!

Class Dismissed!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Peacock Feathers {they're sneaky}

Biology/Science {kind of} Class:

Hello Minties!
Today's class is a fun and quick Science class about peacock feathers! Now, buckle up for this one cause it blew my mind when I found out...
{thank you, Josh for knowing all the random things about animals from reading ZooBooks as a child.}

Ready? Peacock feathers are not really colored...as in pigmented. Nope. Their plumes seem vibrantly colored due to their structure and the way light reflects off their surface. Mind. Blown.

Below are some close up shots at 100x and 200x.

Pictures borrowed from the genius over here: Peacock feather colors

Aren't these just beautiful? The iridescence is what gave it away to scientist that the plumes hold little actual color. How sweet would it be if there was a hair treatment to make our hair shine like that?! I'd do it...

Ok, smarties, now you have some more knowledge to put in your "Trivia Night" files.

No Homework! You did so good today!
Class Dismissed!